Professional Pet Grooming
Specialized haircuts. Head-to-tail bathing. Nails, ears and everything between.

We provide high-quality grooming services; for all breeds and sizes.

Whether your friend needs a deep clean, a good bath or the perfect haircut, you've come to the right place.

An excellent choice if you're looking for a deep-clean.

Bath & Tidy-Up

  • Minor trimming- feet, paw pads, eye corners, face and sanitary areas
  • Bath
  • Blow dry
  • Brushout/Full DeShed
  • Nails clipped & filed
  • Anal gland expression
  • Ear plucking

Does your buddy need a make-over? This one is for you.

Haircut Service

  • Personalized, full-body haircut
  • Bath
  • Blow dry
  • Brush out
  • Nail trim & file
  • Anal gland expression
  • Ear plucking

Just need to freshen up? Choose me!

Bathing Service

  • Bath
  • Blow dry
  • Brushout/Full DeShed
  • Nails clipped & filed
  • Anal gland expression
  • Ear Plucking

Walk-in services

Need a quick touch-up? We've got you covered.

Available Tuesday-Friday 9am-3pm and Saturday 9am-4pm

Meet & Greet

For your nervous or anxious dogs, the aunties will be happy to provide some yummy cookies, a friendly voice, and even some pets.

Nail Trim & File

We offer walk-in nail trim services. We clip as well as file; if your pet prefers one or the other, we can accommodate that. This service is $15 unless the pet requires more than one groomer due to behavioral issues. In this case, there will be an extra charge, dependent on the level of difficulty.

Gland Expression

We offer external anal gland expression as a walk in service for $15. Nails & Gland Expression together as a walk-in is $25.

Ear Cleaning

We offer ear cleaning as a walk-in service for your dog or cat. Waxy, dirty build-up you can't seem to get rid of? Let us help! Ear cleaning as an a la carte service is $10.

Meet the Family

We aunties are gentle and caring groomers, dedicated to providing high-quality grooms and exceptional customer service.

To us, you and your best friend are part of the family.

Madelyn Brooks

Maddie Brooks


Maddie has 10 years of grooming experience under her belt. She attended a grooming academy in 2012 in Washington State. Although born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Maddie has resided in Santa Cruz with her husband since 2015. She enjoys working with dogs of all sizes and temperaments and is particularly interested in large-breed dogs with behavioral issues.

Penny Bryan

Penny Bryant


Penny has been grooming since 1992, and her interest is in creating a compassionate relationship with the animals and their people, which grows over time. She welcomes and is highly skilled with working with special needs and “difficult” pets as well as senior pets. She also grooms cats! Penny lives in the Santa Cruz mountains with her family, including a two-legged child, 2 four-legged ( a pug and a puggle) and her very patient husband. She loves reading, sewing and yoga.

Why ‘Aunties’?

Because we treat your pet like family.

Our salon will feel like home.

Loved by Santa Cruz, CA.

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